In the Shadows


In July 2018 Robyn and I met in my studio in Toronto armed with ourselves, a camera and green pots. We chose to make the pots, leave them to dry fully reaching their most fragile brittle state and use them in our photoshoot.

We were interested in how we would hold these pots in their infancy. We wanted to juxtapose delicate objects with ourselves, light and shadow. This series of photographs was an exercise for both Robyn and I to start gathering a sense of confidence with the objects and look at them as extensions of ourselves.

The pairing of these raw forms in our hands had us conveying a sense of vulnerability through the hard shadow, leaving our touch both firm and gentle. We looked closely at how each pot reflected our own image and particularly made note of how our own shapes changed with the addition of these objects absorbing and repeating the motifs we created. In the end this series informed the decorating decision on some of the final pieces in our exhibition HEAVY SHINE.

Dianne Lee